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Can You Install Central Air in an Old House?

Can You Install Central Air in an Old House?

Living in an older home can be a lot of fun. These homes have a lot of personality and many characteristics that you are sure to love. But one thing that they may be lacking is a good air conditioning system. Whether you are looking at an older home to call your own or you have been in it for some time and would like to finally cool down, you may wonder whether you can install central air in an old house.

You can install central air into your old home, says Eastern Air Conditioning, experts in air conditioning installation in Sutherland Shire. The process may take more time and will need extra considerations, such as adding vents into the ceiling or in closets to make it work based on the original design of the older home. Some older homes will need to work with a ductless central air system because the architecture of the home just does not work for using ducts. 

Adding central air to your home can help it keep cool and feel more comfortable during the hot summer months. Let’s take a closer look at how you can install central air in your old home.

Can You Install Central Air in an Old House?

It is possible to install central air conditioning in your old home. It may take some extra work to add in the ductwork and get this done. It is often more work due to the way your older home may be designed, and you will need to work with a professional to make the home look better as well. However, it is possible.

The first thing to consider is whether the home already has ducts in it or not. Then you will want to consider whether you would like ducts in the old home or not. If you already have heating ducts in place, you can re-purpose them to function as air conditioning ducts with minimal effort and cost. You just need to check the ducts and make sure they are sound and will not need a significant amount of repair or maintenance.

In some older homes, you may not have ductwork present in the home. When this is the case, you will need to choose whether you would like to install some new ducts in the home or if they would like to go with a zone-based ductless cooling system.

Adding ducts into an older home can be challenging. It is common for these older homes to have plaster walls or some fancy woodwork, which is going to make the whole process more difficult to do and will make cleaning later awful.

The typical solution to this problem is to install some vents for the system, putting these in ceilings or in closets. You can then choose to run the ducts based on this option. However, it will depend on your home whether this will bring out additional struggles or not.

What If I Can’t Add Ducts?

In some older homes, you will be able to effectively add ducts, and everything will work out well. However, there are some older homes that will not work with the ducts, and you will need to look at a different option. In this case, a ductless cooling system exists.

These systems are going to be more expensive compared to the traditional system, but they will be more efficient since each area is going to be in a separate zone and will have its own cooling unit. This will help it cool just the area that you want to use at that time. The biggest drawback of this is the cost and the aesthetic. You will see the cooling unit this way, which is not as much fun.

If you are uncertain about which type of central air you would like to add to your home, it is best to talk to the professionals ahead of time. They may be able to take a look at the system and determine whether you would benefit the most with a duct or a ductless system, based on the layout of your own home.

How Much Does Central Air Cost in an Older Home?

There is a wide price range for the cost of these systems in your home. You can expect to pay somewhere between $3000 to $15,000. This will depend on where you live, the size and complexity of the project, and the season you would like to get the work done.

Keeping Your Home Cool

Finding a good way to cool your home is important. But when it comes to an older home, you need to consider what type of air conditioning will work the best for you. Take a look at your older home and determine whether it makes sense for you to do a central air conditioning unit through ducts or through a ductless system.