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Groom - Dog Care With Love

Imagine a paradise for dog lovers. Good news for you. There's no need to imagine. Fantastic Service. Easy Process. The Very Best Experience. ​ Founded in 2017, Groom is ​your paradise for everything dog. Expert Grooming. Dog Workouts. Nourishing Care. Shopping Exploration.

Featuring ​premier service, absolute expertise, spectacular design, and easy process, it's no wonder we attract Los Angeles' finest dog lovers.​ Dogs are family - and family deserves the best. We help you and your furry children feel great and look great. Your utmost satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.


9061 Nemo St
West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States

Groom - Dog Care With Love

Maria from West Hollywood
Groom treated us and our puppy so kindly and professionally - I highly recommend their grooming services. They took a tangled mess of puppy fur and cleaned her up beautifully with no trauma. We are so glad to have found a groomer we can trust!