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Can You Add A Light Fixture to A Ceiling Fan

Can You Add A Light Fixture to A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans can add such a nice touch to any room. The other plus is that they can help cool off a room by circulating the air making it much less stuffy. While a lot of ceiling fans do come with light fixture there are some ceiling fans that do not come with them and some people may want to add a light fixture to an already existing ceiling fan. Is it possible though? We asked the experts at Hinkley's Lighting stores in Scottsdale and Phoenix (, to shed some light on the situation (pun intended :).

No Housing Assembly, No Light!

If the ceiling fan in question does not have a housing assembly then no light fixture can be installed onto that particular ceiling fan set up. Most ceiling fans already come with a housing assembly that allows for the ceiling fan to have a kit installed. However, the ceiling fans that do not have the housing assembly will not be able to have the light fixture installed.

Where Is the Housing Assembly?

The housing assembly should be located right in the center of the ceiling fan. The small little area right in the center of the ceiling fan should be able to be unscrewed. Once the plate is unscrewed and removed wires should be exposed. This is considered the housing assembly. Without this, a light fixture cannot be installed into the ceiling fan.

For more information on the housing assembly on the ceiling fan then may be able to offer some more valuable information. It can also help one determine if the ceiling fan in question has the housing assembly necessary to be able to install a light fixture into. It is not possible to do without the housing assembly.

What Is Needed to Install A Light Fixture.

If the ceiling fan in question does indeed have a housing assembly then a light fixture can, in fact, be installed! There are a few simple steps to take in order to successfully install the new light fixture to the ceiling fan. There will be some things that will be needed to make this work though. Some simple tools and a kit can get the job done in a matter of no time.

Here are some of the things needed in order to install a light fixture to a ceiling fan:

  • A ceiling fan light kit. This can be found at…. A ceiling fan light kit will be needed in order to install a light fixture to the ceiling fan without buying an entirely new ceiling fan.
  • A flat screwdriver.
  • A Philips head screwdriver.

For more information on where to find some of these tools, may have some great tips and information.

How to Install the New Light Fixture.

After the necessary tools and the ceiling fan kit are all purchased and at hand then the installation process can begin. The steps are very important for safety and no steps should be skipped over. Installing the new light fixture is fairly a simple process but it should be done correctly, or serious injury could occur.

The First Step.

The first and most important step in installing a light fixture into a ceiling fan is to make sure all of the power to the light fixture or ceiling fan is turned off. No power should be running to the ceiling fan. Checking the main breaker and turning it off can ensure that the power to the ceiling fan has been turned off correctly. However, a flashlight may be needed to see the ceiling fan fixture.

The Second Step.

The next step in the process is to remove the plate that is covering the housing assembly. This can be done with one of the screwdrivers listed above depending on what type of screw is used to secure the plate on the housing assembly. Once this is removed the next step can be taken into installing the new light fixture to the existing ceiling fan.

The Third Step.

The wires inside of the housing assembly should be black and white. They should be attached to the light fixture. Make sure that the wires both match one another when wiring everything together. The wires on the light fixture should be brought through the existing hole before wiring the wires to their corresponding colors.

The Final Step.

Once all of the wires are secured in the proper fashion then the light fixture can be screwed into place. Make sure that the plate is secured properly to ensure that everything will be held up securely and strong. Once the light and the plate are all in place the ceiling fan can then be turned back on and be set to use.

This YouTube video can offer a visual of how to install a light fixture to an existing ceiling fan. Also, to make the job easier remove the ceiling fan before the process.