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What to Do for a Teenage Birthday Party

What to Do for a Teenage Birthday Party

Let’s face it, teens can be hard to shop for. It is difficult enough to shop for a teenager's gift, but thinking of what to do for a birthday party can prove to be a bit tricky. Younger children are easy to plan for with piñatas and clowns, but a teenager is a big kid now and does not want little kid things. No worries though, because Adrenaline Entertainment Center, a birthday place in Columbia, has shared plenty of ideas of what to do for a teen's birthday.

Do You Have Access to a Pool?

One of the most fun birthday parties for teenagers is a pool party. This is especially true if the teen loves to swim. Having a pool party sets all the games for the party. To spice it up a bit, get some pool toys such as beach balls and water guns. Teens can get a bit rowdy when all their friends or family are over, and the pool will burn that energy off and provide a great time.

For the food, a pizza will do. Teens can eat pizza every day of the week! This makes for easy clean up too. Instead of treat bags, try having a snow cone machine. These tips, along with some of your teenager’s favorite colors for decorations, will make for a great party.

For some pool activities, you can visit The Spruce. They have a ton of ideas for games to play in the pool.

The Sleepover

Every kid loves a sleepover, and that does not stop when they become teenagers. Plan on renting some age-appropriate movies and tons of popcorn snacks and pizza. This will set the stage. Teens will get creative, so some games will keep them busy too. Any of the classic board games are fun to have on hand.

This gives the teen an all-nighter with some of their best friends or family. Allowing them to stay up until they fall asleep makes the night even more fun with some innocent pranks like whipped cream on the face when they sleep. Make sure to have the camera ready if you can stay awake longer than them.

This YouTube video has some information on how to plan a fun but safe sleepover for teenage kids.

The Epic Barbecue

Ask the teen if they would like to grill. A barbecue may be the perfect birthday party for a teenager. Throw some of the teen's favorite meats on the grill with some delicious sides and decorations, and you have yourself a birthday party. When the night simmers down, a bonfire can top off the evening.

This is a relaxing time but also gives the teen time to hang out with friends and family for their birthday. S'mores are always a great touch with a bonfire, but a cake should always be involved for birthdays no matter what kind of party.

At The Spruce, you can find some safe bonfire ideas to add to the teenager’s birthday party.

A Simple Movie Night Will Do

A great birthday party event for a teenager can be a simple movie night. This movie night can be an outing to the movies or even a quiet evening at home. Not much decoration will be needed for a movie night either, unless it is wanted.

To spice up the party even more, you can have a movie night outside. This can be done with a projector and a sheet or even the side of the house. If there is no access to a projector and the weather is clear, then the television can be brought outside and set up with a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Everyone Loves a Scavenger Hunt

While having a scavenger hunt for kids is very easy, one for a teenager will need to be more in-depth. A scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun and it gets the teens active and thinking. A scavenger hunt can also be fun to plan too. This is especially true when watching the teens figuring it out. Prizes can be set in place for the winner of the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts do not have to be done in the backyard anymore. There are apps that can be downloaded. This allows everyone to be in on the hunt. Apps allow for a mini adventure. You can check the apps for times when they start and see if this is something that your teen will love. Geocaching is a lot like this.

Their Favorite Place to Eat

Where does the teenager like to eat? This can be so simple but mean a lot to them. Ask the waitress or waiter to bring out a cake and see if they can sing happy birthday. This is also a great place to give out gifts and birthday cards. So, plan for a simple birthday dinner at a place they love to eat. If the teen does not have a favorite, pick a restaurant that makes their favorite foods.