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Should Dentists Pay for Failed Root Canals?

Should Dentists Pay for Failed Root Canals?

Getting a root canal can be a serious procedure with your dentist. After you go through all of that money and time recovering, you hope that the root canal will last a long time and keep your teeth safe. But there are times when the root canal will fail, and you will need to get it fixed as well. But when the root canal fails, is it the responsibility of the dentist to pay for it?

If the root canal failed because the dentist did not deliver the best care to the surgery or they were careless along the way, then you may be able to get them to pay for the root canal failure, according to an experienced dentist in Beverly Hills ( Some patients also experience unnecessary pain and suffering due to the root canal can also work with their dentist to get the costs covered. Many causes of root canal failure are not the fault of the dentist, so they may not be willing to pay. 

Let’s take a closer look at a failed root canal and some of the situations where the dentist may decide to pay for the failure and get it fixed for you to keep your teeth healthy.

When Will a Dentist Pay for a Failed Root Canal?

In many cases, your dentist will not pay for a failed root canal. There are many things that will cause the root canal to fail that have nothing to do with the dentist. In these cases, the dentist is not responsible and will not pay for the damage. But there are some situations where the dentist could be the reason the root canal failed, and you could get compensation.

You might be able to claim compensation from the dentist if you did not get the right support for treatment after the surgery, if the dentist did not give you advice on other less costly treatment options, or if the dentist did not give the proper concentration during the procedure and it resulted in infection or some pain to you.

Your dentist may have made errors during the treatment that caused pain, infection, and discomfort, or they did not clean out the root canal in the proper manner. They may not have correctly filled or shaped the canal, resulting in infections, snapped a tool inside while doing the root canal without telling you, or they pierced the root of the tooth.

If some of these situations happened with your teeth while getting a root canal and then the root canal failed, you may be able to get compensation for the issue and could get the failed root canal paid for.

Is the Dentist At Fault for a Failed Root Canal?

It is possible that the root canal will fail, and it is not the fault of the dentist. If this is the case, then you will not be able to ask them to pay for the failed procedure, and you will need to pay for it yourself. But there are times when the dentist is the one at fault for the issue.

If your dentist did not provide the level of care they should have towards the root canal surgery, or they did not provide good treatment options to you, they could have caused you pain and suffering that should not have happened. A careless provider can even be guilty of malpractice. These cases are few and far between, though, so it is not likely that you will be able to get it paid for.

How To Tell My Root Canal Failed?

Before you determine whether your dentist is going to pay for the failed root canal, you need to take the time to look at whether the root canal has failed. It is possible that you could have no symptoms of this failure, and you may not notice it at all. You may experience some symptoms of this though, including:

  • Pain around the tooth
  • Feeling sensitivity anytime you bite down
  • Change in the color of the tooth that you worked with
  • Pain from pressure in the tooth that got the root canal
  • Tenderness in the gum tissue near the root canal
  • Pus-filled bumps near the tooth that was treated
  • Swelling in the face or neck
  • Swelling near the tooth that was impacted.

Taking Care of Your Failed Root Canal

When you have a failed root canal, you may worry about going through the surgery and how much it is going to cost as well. You may want to have the dentist pay for the root canal, especially if you just had the work done. But it will depend on the situation and what caused the root canal to fail in the first place. Understanding when a dentist is likely to pay for the root canal failure or not will help you come up with the right plan for you.