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How Often Should Men Get a Haircut?

How Often Should Men Get a Haircut?

Barbers and hairdressers are often asked “How often should men get their hair cut?” The answer they usually give is… It depends! There are many factors when it comes to answering that question, depending on your own physiology and what style you want to maintain. Olivia Stephens Salon & Spa, a hair salon spa in Palm Beach, FL, has given us some professional tips to help sort out the different options.

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

While it varies from person to person, on average you can expect your hair to grow at half an inch per month. While this might not seem like a lot, it can make a difference. Extremely short hair, for instance, will show it more.

While there's no specific formula, the typical rule of thumb is to get your haircut about once every two weeks if the shortest part is half and inch. For every inch you should add a week, so if your hair is four inches long, you should get it cut about once a month.

A buzz or crew cut will lose shape much faster than a longer tapered one with medium-length hair on top. If you have a shorter haircut, you should expect to get your hair trimmed at least once a month at minimum.

Which Short Hairstyles Look Best?

There are plenty of good short hairstyles to choose from, with many hairstyles working better depending on your type of facial hair you have. A crew cut with a curly fringe and high fade is a good beardless hairstyle, along with a messy style with a low razor fade, or a simple buzz cut with skin fade.

A pseudo-Pompadour style or a comb over with a disconnected undercut can look nice with facial hair, while a hard spiky side part with a low fade can create an asymmetrical but nice looking style. Brushed-up fringe with a low bald fade can work wonders as well.

While it gets a lot of flack, the comb over can be useful for balding men if done right. A nice slickback can actually compliment a high widow’s peak. The “Steve McQueen” is a longer version of the buzz that looks amazing.

I Have Medium Length Hair, How Long Should I Wait?

If you have medium length hair, you are going to want to get your haircut about once every one to two months. Medium length hair does require a bit more upkeep in other ways, at least when compared to shorter hair styles.

While medium length hair has arguably more flexibility, at least when compared to longer or shorter styles, it does often require some sort of pomade, wax, hairspray, or hair gel to keep in good form.

There are a few general rules you can follow to make sure you are getting a good medium haircut. Current trends point to shorter sides and longer tops, with the sides being formed with some sort of fade or undercut.

Many of the styles that are in seem to be some variation of pompadour, comb-over, quiff, or slick back. Other styles aren’t unheard of either, with spikes, faux-hawk, and a textured crop all popular as well.

What About Longer Hairstyles?

Longer hair male hairstyles have a big advantage in terms of upkeep. That half an inch a month really doesn't seem like much when you have several inches already! Because of this, longer hair only really needs to be cut about once every three to six months.

Longer hair has become trendy in the last several years, and with it there has been an explosion of variants. The man bun is a good one for those that want something easy but stylish. Top knots or long on the top but short on the sides are good, along with a well maintained shoulder length.

How Do I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Everything you’ve been told before--eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and exercise--all lead to increased hair growth. Certain vitamins and nutrients can also spur hair growth, like biotin, vitamin C, and protein.

Don’t overdo it on the shampoo, as too much can dry out your scalp and turn your hair brittle. When showering, make sure to use lukewarm water with plenty of conditioner. Also, make sure not to brush your hair when it is wet, as it can stretch it out.

Shorter hair will show hair growth more readily than medium or longer hairstyles. Short hair styles should be going in for a haircut about once to twice a month, medium once every one to two months, while longer hairstyles can wait anywhere from three to six months.