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How Long Do Garage Door Rollers Last?

Your garage door rollers can last a long time with proper maintenance. According to Majestic Garage Doors, who specializes in garage door repairs in Joondalup, if your garage door rollers are installed at the same time your door is installed, they can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if they are well maintained.

There are a number of factors that determine how long your garage door rollers can last, including how often you open and close your door, the climate where you live, the materials from which your rollers are made and of course proper ongoing care and maintenance of your garage door system.

Frequency of Use

It is obvious the more you use can cause any mechanical device you own to break down over time. This is true of your garage door rollers. The most inexpensive rollers are rated at 10,000 cycles, which means successfully opening and closing your garage door 10,000 times. According to DDM Garage Doors, a commercial grade 3" 10-ball steel 7" stem can last up to 50,000 cycles on a track for a 12 ft. high door. That is 50,000 times of opening and closing a door.

Stronger Materials Add Life

The material from which your rollers are made also affect the effective lifespan. The more expensive rollers are generally made of either a stainless steel or zinc plating, while nylon rollers are more inexpensive. If your rollers made from stainless steel or zinc plating you can expect them to last longer, but you can also expect more noise from them than their nylon cousins.

Weather – Wetter is Never Better

If you live in a high moisture climate, this can cause metal parts to corrode and rust. Rollers made from stainless steel or zinc plating are made to be resilient against rust. These rollers are even used in places like car washes due to their anti-rust tendency.

Quieter Rollers - Steel Versus Nylon

The material can also affect how quiet your doors are. Steel obviously has the advantage for longevity, but nylon rollers definitely rule when it comes to making the opening and closing of your door quieter. Premium nylon rollers can last almost as long as steel, but you will need to decide if the extra five years is worth the extra noise.

Ball Bearings

How many ball bearings your garage door rollers can also affect how quiet your door will be. The more ball bearings your roller has, the quieter the door. There are manufacturers of cheaper rollers without ball bearings, called bearing-less rollers, but these rollers are also the lowest rated at 10,000 cycles. Again, you will need to decide how much you value quiet.

Regular Maintenance – Maintain the Tracks

If you hear strange noises from your garage door tracks, such as high pitched squeals or low grinding noises, this or this could mean your garage door tracks are dry or dirty.

To fix the noise you can remove the obstruction, most often dirt or debris, and then use a lubricant to help the rollers flow through the tracks. This will increase both the life of your tracks and your rollers.

You can use a common household lubricant like WD-40, but it is recommended by Home Repair Advisor, to use a lubricant specifically for garage doors like Garage Door & Operator Lubricant.

Roller Replacement - Do it Yourself Versus a Professional

If you are at the point where your rollers need to be replaced, they can be bought locally as inexpensively as $5 to $8. You can save some cash by going online and find them for as little as $2 to $3. Of course, you will need to search for rollers that match your current size and style, such as this DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2" Nylon Garage Door Roller with Precision 13-Ball Bearing and 4" Stem (10 Pack).

Professional garage door technicians can charge anywhere from $147 to $328 depending on the services required. Source: Home Repair Advisor

If you do decide to do it yourself, there are instructional online videos like this one to help you. You Do It Store Video

If you have the tools and know-how, replacing rollers can be done by the weekend warrior, but professionals can save time and get the job done safely. Ultimately the decision to DIY will be up to you.

How long your garage door rollers last depends on the style of door you have and what features you choose. If you value longevity, go with the zinc or steel plated rollers for your door. If your priority is a quiet garage door, make sure your rollers have a higher ball bearing count such as this one, AOD- Stamped 6200z- SUPER Quiet 13 Ball Garage Door Rollers 12) Pack

Your choice of features coupled with your budget will help you make the best value decision. Remember, whatever decision you make perform regular maintenance to make your rollers, and all your garage door components last longer.