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Seven Reasons Why Press Releases Are Important

Seven Reasons Why Press Releases Are Important

When it comes to sharing your organization’s news, there’s a lot you can do to get it out there. You can post your announcement on social media. You could hang up flyers. You could even print out mailers to put in people’s mailboxes. However, one of the most effective strategies in sharing your organization’s updates and news is through the press release.

A press release is different than any other kind of publication your organization may present. Here, we share what a press release is and seven reasons why they are essential to sharing about your organization.

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is fundamental to the success of your organization. In an article from The Balance, author Lahle Wolfe describes what a press release is. She writes that it’s “a written communication that reports specific but brief information.”

She adds that the information shared is linked to some sort of event or other happening. Press releases are also shared in a variety of means, whether through the website or outside news sources.

While it’s not a guarantee that every press release you come up with will be shared through outside news sources. Factors such as newsworthiness and timing also come into play in whether it will be shared. You may also choose to put limits on when the release can be shared.

Benefits of a Press Release

A press release can be another step in your communication strategy. These releases can also be of utmost importance in growing recognition of your organization. Here are seven benefits that a press release can bring to you.

1. A Press Release Alerts the Media of an Event

The main goal of a press release is to promote a significant event or change. By sharing with a press release, you alert news organizations, social media followers and others who may be interested in what you have to offer.

JoTo PR, one of my favorite local PR firms in Tampa, adds that press releases can become even more valuable when launching a new product or service. You can even use a press release distribution service to gain more recognition of your exciting news.

2. Press Releases Offer Readers Convenience

The truth is, not everyone gets their news from the same source. Since press releases can be shared through a variety of mediums, your news can cater to your reader.

If someone gets their news through social media, they might find your release on their Twitter feed. If they receive their news through their local news station, they’ll be able to find the story a local journalist wrote on your event.

3. Press Releases Aren’t Just for Journalists

There was a time when press releases were just for journalists. These journalists had the final say as to whether the story should be covered or not. Today, things are different. With the growing popularity of online press releases, journalists aren’t the only ones who can share your organization’s news. Through mediums such as email and social media, millions of people can have access to your release.

4. Press Releases Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes

A new product launch is just the start of what you can share through a press release. Press releases can be used for updates about upcoming events and personal promotions. They can also be used to share business accomplishments and awards.

Press releases can also be helpful in clarifying or addressing a difficult or controversial situation. In the case of crisis management, being the first one to address a particularly challenging situation can help you control the story.

5. Press Releases Help You Improve Your Image

Press releases demonstrate that you’re involved in the community. It demonstrates that your organization cares about creating opportunities. You want to connect with customers and clients. Such results have the potential to increase the positive image of your brand.

6. Press Releases Can Contain More Than Words

With today’s technology, a written statement about your organization’s update is just the start. While the nature of press releases is that they are short, concise and easy to read, you can also include other elements. Images, videos, social posts and other visually appealing elements can come in handy.

7. Press Releases Can Help Promote Your SEO

LegalZoom notes that press releases can also boost your SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, relies on specific keywords in ranking your organization. When you keep those specific keywords in mind, you can make it easier for readers to find your release and grow your brand recognition.

In addition to sharing your news on your website and through social media outlets, a press release can also be very effective. And since press releases are short and quick, you can write a release for all your news updates, and get the word out about any new information related to your business.