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What Are Some Easy Simple To Learn Magic Tricks

What Are Some Easy Simple To Learn Magic Tricks

It is always quite interesting to watch someone perform magic tricks with so much prowess. Both young and old folks find it fun to see someone pull some magician’s stunts at home or in parties, they just keep asking in awe, ‘How did he just do that?!’

Yes, knowing a few magic tricks can be a very impressive skill that you display to entertain your friends and family in events and parties. You can learn some tricks and become as impressive as a magician just by getting some basic tips on how to perform them, according to Magician 4 All Occasions, a popular service that provides you a magician in Manchester. Some of these are really easy to learn, and we’ll be showing you a few of them here.


The Rubber Pencil Trick

Our first trick is one known by many young magicians, but is a very good start. For this you simply need to have a regular pencil and the attention of your young audience. By holding the pencil lightly at both ends, from the eraser to the tip, you then shuffle it and increase the speed as you go. When it is done right, the pencil appears to now look bendable and slightly shorter. By practicing this trick over time, it becomes really impressive and earns you some magician stars as a beginner.


The Magic Box Trick

This is a fun magician trick that even kids can learn easily. It simply entails building a box that you can design in an interesting way known only to you. Thus, in your performance, the box can be made to ‘produce’ small items or pieces such as a ribbon or small ball or handkerchief, to the amazement of your audience. The key in this trick is to hold your audience’s attention and sway them to believe that it’s all by magic.


The Cup Moving Through Table Trick

This is one really impressive magician’s trick that can be learnt by children and adults. It involves using a table, a piece of paper, a cup, and a small object (such as a coin). The paper has to be large enough to cover the cup. In doing this correctly, it is made to appear like the cup was pushed through the table, gradually appearing on top by magic.


The Bending Spoon Trick

Many of us have seen this, but it’s still fun to learn. The idea is to use a regular spoon, (such as a metal/steel spoon) that obviously shouldn’t bend. You then appear to press down hard on the spoon at its middle. This should create an illusion that the spoon is bent. Afterwards, you simply raise the spoon back up and, just like magic, it’s still a straight spoon!  


The Sticking Pencil Trick

This is one funny little trick that gets the kids every time. It simply involves wearing a wristwatch or a bracelet (or something with tiny holes) and a pencil. For this, you attempt the hold the pencil to your wrist in a vertical line.

Your other hand covers the wristwatch on your wrist and seems to hold the pencil for a while. At this point, you quickly ensure the pencil tip is fit into one of the watch holes. As you remove your hand from your wrist, voila! The pencil remains hanging or sticking from your wrist. You can be sure the little kids would be left gaping at this ‘magic’.


The Moving Ring Trick

This is another simple trick, but one that requires a few ‘tricky’ moves to master. You can however get it perfected with some skill. All you need is a ring and a rubber band which is cutting in half to form a single line.

Now, insert the rubber band through the ring. The goal of this trick is to make the ring look as though it is moving along the rubber band line all by itself.

After inserting the rubber band through the space of the ring, make sure you are holding a longer length of the band hidden in one hand while holding the tip on the other hand. The hidden length shouldn’t be visible to your audience. However, you would then stretch the other length to what seems like the full length of the band.

Then you start stretching the band even more, while secretly releasing the hidden length bit by bit, slowly. To your audience, it would appear like your ring is ‘walking’ along the rubber band line, and this would earn you many cheers.

Finally, these little tricks, amongst others, can easily make you the celebrity magician amongst your friends. They are easy to learn and are pretty harmless and are mostly used to impress the young kids and become their favorite magician!

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