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Are Broken Window Seals a Big Deal?

Are Broken Window Seals a Big Deal?

Your windows are an important part of your home. They help to provide light and can improve the appearance of the home if you pick sturdy windows that fit with the exterior of the dwelling. And when they are installed well and everything works the way that it should, they can be an energy-efficient addition to the home. When the window seal breaks, it is easy to worry. But is a broken window seal that big of a deal?

A broken window seal is usually not a big issue for your home, explains Denton Home Window Replacement. The company provides replacement windows in Denton, TX. While the window seal being faulty is going to remove a lot of the energy-saving features will be gone and you may pay more in your electricity bill. But it will not really ruin the home or impact the look or function of the window outside of some condensation on the window when the weather changes. 

Let’s take a closer look at what it means when the window seal is broken and some of the simple steps to help get it fixed and make your windows energy efficient again.

What Does It Mean When a Window Seal is Broken?

The primary sign of a broken window seal is when you start to see moisture between the window pains. If you notice that the windows are foggy, but nothing happens when you are wiping away the condensation, this is a sign that the fog has occurred inside the window. The broken seal is a sign that the window is not insulating that well and can reduce how energy-efficient the windows are as a whole.

The good news is that the window seal can be replaced so you can get everything fixed and doing well again. When the IGU seal fails, it is possible to replace the glass unit itself and not have to replace the whole window and its frame. Usually, this is something done by the professionals to ensure it is done well, though you may be able to do it yourself if the frames are constructed so they are easy to take apart.

Replacing these window seals does not have to be really that bad. They often fall between $70 to $120, though the amount you spend will depend on what type of repair the window needs. It can also vary based on how big or small the windows are and how many windows you are trying to fix the seal on at the same time.

How Do I Know if the Window Seal is Bad?

The main sign that your window seal is broken is that there is some moisture forming between the pains. You will be able to see some fog on the window when this happens. If you wipe away and it disappears, then this is just a sign that the temperature inside the home is higher than the temperature of the window and is not a sign that the seal is broken.

However, if you wipe away and it does nothing, then this is a sign that the seal has broken and the condensation has made its way between the windows.

There is no difference between the window seal being bad or being broken. You may start to notice just a little bit of condensation between the windows at first and then it gets worse over time. When you see this fog appear between the window pain, that is a sign that the seal is going bad and you will need to look at getting it fixed.

Can I Reseal a Double Pane Window?

If you have just one pane of glass on the window, it is easy to reseal it and you may be able to do the work on your own. This can help to protect the windows and keep all of the elements out all year long. However, if you have a double pane window or even a thermal pane, then you will not be able to get this resealed.

When the seal has been compromised on this kind of window, then you will need to get it replaced. Working with a professional is one of the best ways to get this done without the hassle of trying to do it all on your own.

Keeping Your Windows Energy Efficient

While you can technically ignore the problem with a broken window seal and it is not going to break the windows or cause more damage, it can cause your windows to be less energy-efficient than before. This can drive up your utilities and will make it more expensive to heat or cool your home. By replacing the seal, you will be able to keep your home at the right temperature and ensure that the windows look nice all the time.