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What Is the Difference Between Janitorial Services and Facilities Services?

What Is the Difference Between Janitorial Services and Facilities Services?

When going somewhere, you want it to be clean. No one wants a dirty office or place of business. The best thing to do other than cleaning the mess yourself is to hire a cleaning service. There are two types of services, janitorial and facilities. Here are the differences between the two.

Is There Really a Difference?

You may not think that there is much of a difference between the services, but there certainly is. One service offers more of a daily maintenance while the other service offers more of a thorough clean.  While both are great services, a deep clean is definitely need every once in a while to keep things looking nice and smelling fresh. 

Why Is a Deep Clean Needed?

While things on the surface are cleaned regularly, it is still important to deep clean areas. Not only is it more enjoyable to be in a clean and fresh work space, it is important to your health. According to SPEEDEX Janitorial & Maintenance Services, a company providing janitorial services in Niles IL, there are a number of harmful substances removed when deep cleaning. Although it is not needed daily, it should be done.

Here are some of the reasons to deep clean your workspace or office:

  • The space deep cleaned becomes sanitized. All of those harmful bugs and bacteria are killed and cleaned away.
  • Appearance. The overall appearance of the place will look much better. Deep cleaning often includes cleaning the carpet of all stains and smudges, possibly even steam cleaning the carpet.
  • Kills all mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can be extremely harmful to a person's health. The best way to eliminate the presence of mold and mildew is to regularly deep clean your home or office.
  • Removes any hidden dust. This is just a fact of life. Dust is everywhere and can hide under furniture and appliances. Just removing the dust can make the are smell much better. Plus, having a professional service come in eliminates your contact with the dust.

Do You Need Janitorial Services or Facilities Services?

Now you are probably wondering if you need janitorial services or facilities services. Well, this really depends on what the space is being used for among other factors. Below are some of the main differences in the two services so you can decide which one works best for you.

What Are Janitorial Services?

Everyday cleaning. That is what janitorial services consist of. Every day, garbage needs to be taken out, toilets need to be wiped down along with counters and many other tasks. A janitorial service will take care of all these everyday tasks to keep the place smelling fresh and looking clean.

Do note that janitorial services do not include the deep cleaning services that are needed on a regular basis. However, it will keep things clean until the next deep cleaning is due.

Here are some of the things that come along with janitorial services:

  • Trash Removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting

All of these things listed above should be done by the janitorial service of your choice. These things should be done on a regular basis. Usually, the customer will set up when they want the place to be cleaned. 

What Are Facilities Services?

A facilities service is more of a deep cleaning service. They have a more thorough cleaning process than the janitorial services. Even though they clean deeper, it is not really needed on a weekly basis. It is important to note the difference to see exactly what you may need and at which time.

Here is a list of some of the cleaning that a facilities service does:

  • Steam cleaning the carpet. This removes all stains and any smell that may come from the carpet. This is important in removing all the dirt. This is usually done once or twice a year.
  • Indoor and outdoor window washing. This brings the windows back to a sparkling and clear look. You won’t believe the amount of smudges and dirt that end up on the outside of windows.
  • Furniture repairs
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Inspecting and replacing batteries, bulbs and other mechanical items
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Deep tile cleaning. This includes waxing and returning the tiles to a nice shine and pristine condition.

You can find more information on the differences between the two types of services at SuperPages.

Hopefully, this information better answers the question of which service provides what. Now, you can make a more informed choice on which service you think you may be needing or wanting. You can check out more information in this YouTube video.