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Fitted Wardrobes: What Do They Cost and Why?

Fitted Wardrobes: What Do They Cost and Why?

Answering the question of whether a fitted wardrobe is expensive is very subjective. The word expensive can mean many different things to many different types of people. Because of this, all we can really do when asked if something is expensive or not is lay out costs and let the individual decide for themselves. James Kilner Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms, a fitted wardrobes installer, has helped us do just that.

The Factors of Cost

The cost can depend on a lot of things, such as the features you want the fitted wardrobe to have, the size in width, height, and depth, and the material you would like the wardrobe to be made out of.

Materials can be expensive. Typically, one of the less pricier, durable materials is laminate. The more pricier materials are things such as acrylic, and particle board is cheap but not durable.

Then there are other things to consider, such as the shape and design of your wardrobe and its elements. Doors in particular have a tendency to get pricey, so door design is something to keep an eye on when estimating the cost of your fitted wardrobe.

The more unique and personalized you want your doors, the more they tend to cost. The type of shutters make a difference, and if you want mirrors installed your cost will go up as well.

Choosing a sliding door as opposed to a hinged door will cost you more as well. Because the hardware tends to be more expensive and it’s a harder thing to install than the hinged doors, you can expect a pricier fitted wardrobe if you choose to have sliding doors installed instead of hinged doors.

Another thing that makes a huge difference on price when it comes to the design of your fitted wardrobe is your shelves and drawers. If you opt for drawers you can expect to use a lot more material, thus adding a significant amount on your price tag. However, open shelving uses less material, thus less cost.

You should also consider what types of features you would like to add to the fitted wardrobe when it is being installed. The addition of a lot of optional features can add a significantly large amount to the bill you receive at the end of the installation.

A few examples of add-on features that add to your bill are lights inside the wardrobe, drawer partitions, tie or belt racks, and wardrobe lifts.These things cost materials and have to be custom made for your wardrobe, which adds to the expense of everything.

Laying Out the Prices

There are different types of fitted wardrobes to consider when estimating a price tag.

A really popular fitted wardrobe type is the three door fitted wardrobe. With this type you have your typical floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe and you get three large doors on the exterior of the wardrobe. These tend to cost around £2,500 to £2,800 ($3180 to $3560).

Wardrobes with sliding doors give your home a more modern and contemporary look and feel. These wardrobes tend to come in the three door variety but this is not always the case. These tend to cost around £2,800 to £3,600 ($3560 to $4580).

Wardrobes that are made of two sections are very popular among people with cramped or awkward spaces. This simple design makes the wardrobe easily fit in any corner or alcove that the wardrobe may need to work with. The cost of these usually starts around £3,200 ($4070).

Six door fitted wardrobes typically happen when you are looking to turn one side of a room into storage. This type of wardrobe is usually made from three sections and can consist of shelving, drawers, and possibly a rack to hang things on. This price starts around £4,800 ($6100).

Reducing Add-On Feature Costs

Lighting features can be handy when it comes to having a fitted wardrobe that you can see in. Typically, when you are having a fitted wardrobe installed they will install lighting for you if you ask. However, a less pricey option is to install the lighting yourself.

If installing the lighting yourself, you should look for a product similar to this one that meets any standards set by your local government. The great thing about products like this is they are easy to install and they are cheaper than if you get lighting installed with the fitted wardrobe.

You can also purchase drawer partitions yourself instead of spending the money to have the carpenter custom make them for your wardrobe, which could get expensive.

If you purchase something similar to these drawer partitions, you can put them in yourself and save money. You could also make drawer partitions yourself if you’re handy with tools and wood. This would only cost you the price of the wood.