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How To Seal Your Garage Door

How To Seal Your Garage Door

Are you feeling a draft when you walk into your garage? It can be extremely uncomfortable in the cold winter months. The point in a garage is to be out of the elements of cold air and the such. There are a few things that you can do to keep out that chilly air. Just take a look at all these tips.

What Is Causing The Cold Air?

To better understand how to fix the issue of cold air entering your garage, it is important to know what is the cause. Columbus Garage Door Pros, who specialize in garage door repair in Columbus Ohio, tell us that there could be a few issues that are actually causing the cold air to enter your garage area. You can take a look at some of those common cause in the points below.

Some of the common causes of cold air entering your garage could be as follows:

  • Lack of installation - Sometimes garages simply do not have enough installation to keep the cold air out. There are some steps to improve the installation in your garage. They definitely help keep cold air out. You can find some tips at
  • An old or damaged door - Even when a new seal has been placed on your garage door you may still have a problem with cold air entering in. This can be due to an old or damaged garage door. The newer the door the more protection against elements. Plus, of the door is bent or dented it may never seal up properly.
  • An old seal - Some things just do not last forever. Unfortunately, a garage seal may need to be replaced. In fact, they require replacement after so many years. If you notice any signs of flaking or rotting then your garage door weather strip should certainly be replaced.
  • Threshold damage - Your threshold may need to have a new strip placed down. Over time it can wear down. This helps seal the garage door up and keep all the cold air out. It works with the actual weather stripping. With driving over it, in time it will need to be replaced. It is definitely worth the replacement though!

This may not be a full list of possible reasons why there is cold air entering your garage. However, it is a great place to start and many people have had a resolution to the issue by simply replacing the weather seal.

The First Step To Take.

The first and most important step to take is to do an inspection of the garage door. If you see any weather stripping damage along with the rubber strip on your threshold then you may have found the issue. Below are some helpful tips on how to seal your garage door to keep the cold air out for good!

The Garage Door Weather Strip.

By purchasing a weather strip for your garage door you are ensuring a great fit. There are many different sizes of weather stripping on the market. Prices range all over the place. However, if you have buy weather stripping for a garage it is ensured to fit and last much longer than other grades.

Loobani Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping Rubber Seal Strip
Loobani Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping Rubber Seal Strip

How To Install

Make sure that you remove all the old weather stripping before applying the new weather stripping. It is important to make sure all of the old strippings are gone. The garage weatherstripping kit should come with instructions. Follow those and apply it to the sides and bottom of the door. These steps are truly simple.

The Threshold

Make sure the threshold is in good condition. Sometimes there is actually a rubber seal on the bottom of the garage. A better seal is one that is made of vinyl. They tend to last a bit longer than the rubber seals. The packing usually comes with an adhesive glue or strip to secure the threshold seal in place.

Garadry 1 ¼ Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit 10'3
Garadry 1 ¼" Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit 10'3"


Do Not Forget The Bottom Seal!

Now that the threshold and the side of the garage door have been sealed properly you will want to place a bottom seal. This really keeps cold air out! A bottom seal consists of a flexible rubber material that closes the gap from the garage door to the threshold. Installation is super simple too.

10' Garage Door Threshold Seal by Improvements
10' Garage Door Threshold Seal by Improvements

Some tips when installing the bottom seal:

  • Some seals require different installation. Make sure you pay attention to the full set of directions.
  • Some seals can simply snap into place when the old seal has been removed. This makes installation easy.

You can find more information on rubber seals for the bottom of your garage door at

Before You Go!

Hopefully, you can now identify the issue that is allowing for cold air to enter into your garage. If you are interested you can check out this YouTube video for more information. May your seals be easily changed and cold air kept out for good!