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How Often Should You Get Your House Pressure Washed?

How Often Should You Get Your House Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing your home is a great way to help you keep the home clean and to ensure that all of the dirt and grime is off the home as well. It is also an efficient way to keep the home as clean as possible, making it look new without all of the hassle of doing a complete renovation. As you look at getting the power washing started, you may wonder how often you will need to get it done.

You will need to get your home pressure washed one to two times a year, according to Southington Power Washers, a company that provides power washing in Southington, CT. The exact number of times will depend on the material that is on your home and how dirty it gets. While pressure washing will be a great way to clean the home, you do not need to do it all the time or it can damage the home. Sticking to one to two times a year to clean the home is just right. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of pressure washing and how often you should do this process on your home for the best results.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Home

The first thing to consider is the type of home that you have in the home. The type of material that you have in the home will really determine how often you will need to get the pressure washing done.

For example, if you have a hard brick material on your home, you will only need to do the pressure washing on the home about once a year. It is a good idea to do this after the heavy pollen season so you can wipe all of that off and can make your home look as nice as possible for the winter.

Many homes have some form of siding on them. This will be durable and is less expensive to put onto the home. To help this siding look good and to keep it protected, you may need to do pressure washing a few more times than with the brick home.

Two times a year is the recommendation. Consider doing it in the spring after a long winter and then in the fall before it gets cold again.

You will need to wash your home with wood a little bit more often because the wood can get really dirty. Depending on where you have your cabin, you may need to do this a few times a year. If the area is really messy and gets the home really dirty, you may want to do it up to four times a year. Be careful with the wood though so you are not wiping off the protection and ruining the wood.

One rule of thumb to follow here is if you are able to rub your finger along the side of the home and some dirt comes off, this means the home is a mess and you should probably consider a pressure washer to help get it cleaned.

In general, you can take a look at your home and then use your best judgment about when you should pressure wash the home. Some homes will stay cleaner for longer than others so you can use your best judgment to help with this. Those that are close to lots of trees or a dirty road may need to be done more often.

Should I Pressure Wash My Roof

Now that we know a bit more about when to clean off the side of the home, you may want to consider how to take care of the roof as well. To ensure that you are not going to damage the roof, you can use a low-pressure wash to help protect the roof while you do this method and blast away all of the grime.

This low-pressure option will still provide you with a steady stream of water that is gentle yet enough to get the work done.

Leaves and dirt and grime will gather up on your home and roof and can make it look bad. With a bit of pressure cleaning, done at the same time as the rest of the home, you can help make sure that your roof look is in good shape for years to come.

Pressure washing your whole home is a great way to keep the home looking as great as possible. It is such a simple process that can really work well and provides you with some of the great benefits of a clean home without all of the hassle.

It is affordable, efficient, and gives you all of the benefits that you need with a clean and fresh home. Give it a try one to two times a year to see how great this can be for you.