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How to Start SEO for a New Website

How to Start SEO for a New Website

Are you starting a new website? It can be difficult to bring in traffic. How about using SEO for your new website? Well, it may sound simple, but it is a big project to take on. Below, you can find all of the information that is needed to start using SEO to promote your website by bringing in natural traffic.

What Is SEO?

SEO actually means Search Engine Optimization. Before you get started on how to start SEO for a new website, it is important to know exactly what SEO is. Basically, SEO is when your set up your website to be found in search engines. The Phoenix SEO Consultants, who offer services related to SEO in Las Vegas, advise that more organic means of doing this are always better.

First Step: Analytics

The first and most important step is to start with is to set up a way to track the inflow of traffic. Google offers a free service for website analysis. It allows you to see what is actually going on, like how many visits you get to your website and much more. It is important to set up a Google Analytics account.

You can learn more about setting up a Google Analytics account at Google.

Set Up Your Gmail Accounts

This step is often overlooked. However, it can help you greatly when trying to incorporate SEO to improve your new website. By setting up a Gmail account with the proper filters, you can make things much simpler. Make sure it is a new email address that you created specifically for your new website.

What About WordPress?

You have probably heard a lot of people talking about WordPress. WordPress is essential for new websites. Even if you have an older website, you should have WordPress. It is an open source that allows you to use tools to create and manage your website. It is the leading tool in managing new websites.

You can find more information on WordPress at iThemes.

Monitor Your Title Tags

It is very important to monitor your title tags. Most title tags should be about 65 characters. That is characters, not words. Anything over 65 characters can actually drop your site lower on the search engine list. Remember to keep things simple and not too intricate.

Check Your Word Count

Did you know that having a specific set of words can help your website become SEO friendly? Well, it is true. However, if you use too many of the same words, it can actually have a negative effect. How do you know what to use then? It may be frustrating but a great recommendation is 100 words.

By have a set amount of words, the search engine will know when to pull up your website as a recommendation. It is important to only use words that are relevant to your website. Do not overuse them either. Search engines can detect when this is done just to bring traffic. Search engines are all about relevance and useful content for the reader.

What About Meta Description Tags?

Just like you should monitor your characters for title tags, the same is true for meta descriptions. Keywords should be incorporated into your meta description but not overused. Meta descriptions should be relevant to the page's content. A good meta description should not be over 155 characters. That is 155 characters, not words.

Use Your Primary Keyword

Another great thing that you can do for your new website to become SEO ready is to incorporate your primary keyword into your URL. This simply helps by letting people know what your website is all about. It helps bring in relevant traffic.

Be Wary of Technical Errors

A lot of times websites can have technical errors that hurt their SEO. It is important to make sure that you check for any technical errors when setting up a new website for SEO. Browseo can help you find many different technical errors that can be very bad for new websites.

All About Content

It is very important to have relevant content on your new website.  Make sure that the content on the new website is search engine accessible. It can be difficult to get a high ranking, but over time it is achievable with the proper content. All new pages for the website should have at least 100 words. That is words, not characters.

Be sure to make sure you are providing great content for readers. You do not want to cause any undue ranking problems.

Hopefully all of the information above will help you get your new website all ready to be SEO. It can take a bit of time to get the website going, but with hard work you can achieve it. Check out this YouTube video for more information.