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Can You Open A Garage Door After the Spring Has Broke

Can You Open A Garage Door After the Spring Has Broken?

 If you have never had a spring on your garage door break, then you may not know exactly what to do. When the spring breaks you will need access to your car if it is in your garage. How do you get out without repairing the broken spring? Is it safe to open the garage door with a bad spring? You can find all the answers below with some great tips!

Is the Spring Broken Yet?

According to Discount Garage Door, who commonly repair broken garage door springs in Tulsa, OK, if the spring on the garage door is not completely broken yet, then you can still open the garage door. It is important to repair the spring before it completely breaks. There are ways to open a garage door when the spring is broken but it is not considered safe or recommended. So, if it has not broken but it may be going out go ahead and repair the spring.

Signs That the Garage Door Spring is Going Out.

There are a few signs to take note of. Before a garage door spring goes out you may notice some of those sure signs. If you do, then do not hesitate to replace the spring. Replacement is fairly simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Check out the signs of a bad garage door spring below.

Signs of a bad garage door spring are as follows:

  • The garage door keeps coming to a stop during the opening or closing process.
  • The appearance of the spring is poor. – The spring will actually look as though it is on its last few pushes. The spring may appear to have a stretched or worn look.
  • There is little tension in the spring. – You can find this out with a quick examination of the spring.
  • The garage door is cocked to one-sided or appears to be crooked. – This is probably due to a worn-out garage door spring.

Do note that if there has been any recent damage to your garage door then the spring may be bad too. If you have hit the garage door with your vehicle then note that it can cause the springs to become damaged.

The Spring Is Broke!

If the spring is broke and you are inside the garage or your vehicle is inside, you will need access to get it out. How else will you purchase another spring without having access to your car? So, sometimes you may need to open the garage door regardless. It can be done. Just be careful.

Somethings You Will Need.

There will be something that you will need to be able to open your garage door. Hopefully, you have access to the items before the spring goes bad. You can see a full complete list below.

A list of needed tools and items to open a garage door:

  • Two pry bars.
  • Vice grips.
  • An extra ladder.

It is important to have a helping hand when opening the door. It will involve two ladders. If you are nearby a friend, family member, or neighbor it will help to ask them for a helping hand. The garage door can be very heavy. Plus, you will need an extra ladder.

How to Use These Tools.

Look at the steps below to see how to use the tools listed above.

Step One:
Each person should stand at one end of the garage door with the ladder ready. -Yes, it takes two people.

Step Two:
Each person will have a pry bar. The pry bars should be inserted under each side of the door. As to not damage the door or yourself make sure everything is secure before lifting.

Step Three:
Pull the roller upward and then tighten the wrenches on each end of the roller. Now the door should be raised. You can then push the door all the way open.

Step Four:
The ladders will act like jack stands. Push each ladder under the door and lower the garage door onto the ladder.

You should then be able to drive your vehicle carefully out of the garage. The spring should be replaced soon.

Where to Buy New Springs.

You can purchase new garage door springs at your local hardware store. It is important to make sure that the springs are rated for the weight of your specific garage door. You don’t want a spring that cannot lift your door.

You can garage door springs at or on Amazon.

Always use safety and make sure you have a helping hand when attempting this process. It is not recommended, but it is a way to be able to exit the garage. Check out this YouTube video for more info.