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How Can I Motivate Myself to Clean My House?

How Can I Motivate Myself to Clean My House?

Everyone loves a clean home. We all know that it needs to be done and sometimes in a hurry if we have company coming over. How can we motivate ourselves to clean our home though? Well, prepare to clean because you are about to read how to motivate yourself to clean your home. Nancy's House Cleaning Services, which does house cleaning in Santa Barbara, has detailed some tips and tricks on how to get motivated.

Do Not Make It a Chore

The worst thing that someone can do when trying to get motivated is to make the task a chore. Of course, housework can be a chore, but if you look at it that way it will only make the process more drawn out. Do not make house cleaning a chore. Look at it as an improvement that you really want for yourself.

Do Make It a Prize

Focus on the prize at the end of the tunnel. Do not view it as a task but rather as something that you look forward to. When you are wiping down that bookshelf, take your time. Enjoy the shelves coming clean. Take a step back and enjoy the process as it unfolds into a clean home.

Take Your Time

Do not try to accomplish everything at once. By looking at the entire mess you will quit before you ever begin. Take it piece by piece. Do not try to take on the entire house at one time. Start with a simple task, something that will not wear you down. You do not want to exhaust yourself trying to tackle a large mess at once.

Promise Yourself a Reward

Other than having a nice and clean house at the end, promise yourself a moment of reward. You can do so by watching your favorite TV show or reading your favorite book while enjoying a treat. Do this after you have completed all the cleaning in your home. This will motivate you to do it. It feels good to have a relaxing time guilt-free.

Do not reward yourself until you have completely cleaned everything. Sure, laundry can still be going, but finish everything up then enjoy your relaxation time. You will want to do this in a clean house. It makes the reward very much worth it!

Get Some Music Going

Music is a great motivator. A lot of people love listening to music. It is also proven that more upbeat music gets your heartbeat going faster, while slower music will slow your heart rate. It stands to reason that music can get you motivated or relax you depending on the beat. Put on some music that gets you motivated. Music will make you motivated to clean your house. Not only will it get you up and cleaning, it will also keep you motivated during the process. 

Do Not Overdo It

If you push yourself too hard, you will not want to do it again. Do not try to conquer the entire house, in one day. You will get overwhelmed and most likely not follow through. Take it easy on yourself. One room or one task at a time. This makes for a more pleasant time and is very effective at reaching an entirely clean house.

Make Up Sections in Your Mind

Mentally make up sections in your mind. Tell yourself that the table will be one section, the counter another, the corner of the living room that has clutter another, and so on. This will allow you to focus on each spot that needs cleaning. It will also give you ample time to focus on cleaning more thoroughly.

You can read more information on how to motivate yourself at Live Renewed.

Set an Aroma

Start by burning a candle or simmering some spices on the stove. If you do this every time you go to clean, you will automatically get into the mindset to clean. It motivates you to clean by putting a great, clean smell in the air. Plus, the home will smell good and feel more like home.

Hire a Company

Let’s face it, sometimes getting motivated just does not happen, no matter how hard one may try. There is nothing wrong with hiring a little help. Help is a good thing. Calling a cleaning company to come out will take a lot off your plate and free up some time for yourself. This is definitely a great option.

Cleaning can be a difficult thing to get motivated to do. Hopefully, some of the tips listed above can get you motivated and cleaning. Check out this YouTube video for more cleaning tips and tricks to make your life a bit easier.