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Is It Worth It to Hire an Interior Designer?

Is It Worth It to Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior design can be tricky to tackle on your own. You might not think that you need to hire a professional to get the job done well. There are definitely pros and cons to each option. Is it really worth it to hire an interior designer? Tami Smight Interiors, which does Fairfield County, Connecticut interior design, has provided some details about what interior designers do and whether they are a good investment.

Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

In short, you should hire an interior designer, especially for large projects. There are many reasons for this, which we will get into next. It’s definitely worth it to hire a professional to help you decorate your home! Hiring an interior designer simply makes the most sense for many people.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer?

There are countless benefits to hiring an interior designer. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

  • You will save time: You may not have time to go shopping for furniture. You probably don’t want to spend hours arranging your décor. To save time, you can hire an interior designer. They will spend their time working on your project and making it just right!
  • You will get a professional assessment: When you walk into your home, you might think you want a bigger sofa or a new rug. In reality, a designer will know exactly what you need. According to Freshome, an interior designer can tell right away what needs to be changed.
  • They know the right people: An interior designer has contact with all kinds of other professionals. You won’t have to seek out an electrician or another contractor. The designer knows who to call for help!
  • They should follow your budget: Most interior designers do a good job of sticking to a budget. You might be more lenient with yourself though. Plus, they can follow the budget more closely with their resources and connections!

How to Hire an Interior Designer

First, you should look online for an interior designer in your area. You can use a website like Thumbtack to help you narrow your search. Once you find a few good ones, you should set up a time to meet with them. When you meet with an interior designer, here are a few things to ask or mention:

  • How long does a project typically take you?
  • Do you prefer clients to be involved?
  • How do you select projects?
  • How do you handle client budgets?

You should also mention your hopes for this renovation. You could even show the designer your current home and what you would like it to look like. This can be discussed later too.

Architectural Digest suggests asking about the interior designer’s personal style. Though your home should be about you, there will be some reflections of the designer’s style.

What Can You Expect to Pay for an Interior Design Job?

This depends on the nature of the job. You will have to talk to an interior designer to get their rates. Here are some of the things that you will be paying for:

  • An hourly or flat rate: Most interior designers set an hourly rate.
  • Cost of décor: The décor and furniture that is purchased for this project will be your responsibility.

A designer’s pricing can depend on their education, their experience, and the location. According to My Domaine, a designer should be able to work with your budget. Be prepared for a higher price. Solid communication can help with this.

How Does Hiring an Interior Designer Save You Money?

This might sound contradictory. You may think it’s less expensive to decorate your home on your own. In reality, you will save money by hiring a professional. This is mainly because you could make a costly mistake.

If you end up making a bad decision about your home décor, you’re wasting your money. Since an interior designer knows what they’re doing, you won’t have to worry about these costly mistakes.

Another reason for this is that your home’s value will increase. Again, this can’t happen after poorly done renovations. By using an interior designer, you’re ensuring that your home value is high. This will be useful if you put it on the market.

Additionally, an interior designer spends a lot of time buying home goods. They can likely get a good deal and know where to shop. They may have connections to certain stores or other designers. They can even find new ways to use what you already have in your home, which will save you money!

Hiring an interior designer is definitely worth it. You will get the home changes you were hoping for without doing any of the work. Plus, a professional with an eye for design can do amazing things. Decorating your home on your own means that you could make costly mistakes. Leave this project to an expert to save yourself time, money, and energy!