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What Is a Home Designer?

What Is a Home Designer?

When it comes to making plans for your home, it can be overwhelming. Plus, you have to decide if you want to hire someone to guide you in the right direction. If you’re looking into designing a home, one of the individuals you might enlist to help is a home designer. Before you get started, you should know what a home designer is and what to expect from them.

What Is a Home Designer?

A home designer is a professional who adds functional and structural designs to a client’s home. This can also include decorative aspects, like lighting and furniture. Home designers work to create spaces to meet their clients’ needs. Some home designers are a part of a larger team of designers and contractors. Others work independently.

Home designers work with their clients to create the home of their dreams. They can add creative, functional, and structural elements to a house. This can be done to existing houses or ones that are in the works.

The home design process can be very personal and have a major focus on a client’s needs. An experienced designer knows how to incorporate their clients’ preferences into a home.

What Is the Difference Between a Home Designer and an Interior Designer?

Home designers and interior designers might seem like they have similar jobs. They do, but only in some ways. Home designers are actually a type of interior designers. They both work with their clients to design their homes. They sometimes work with other professionals, like architects, engineers, and contractors.

Kevin A. Yeager Studio of Design, which does home design in Brainerd, MN, notes that the biggest difference between the two is the focus they have within a home. Home designers focus on the functionality and structure of the home. Interior designers are more frequently used for furniture and lighting. Home designers sometimes work with decorations as well.

According to, “Home designers specialize in creating structure, function, and visual appeal within a residential space.” 

Why Should You Hire a Home Designer?

Home designers have experience in creating the perfect space for their clients. They have an eye for design, so they can make anything work. If you have a space that you don’t quite know how to decorate, a home designer might be the best route for you. They also know how to add structural designs to homes, which can be helpful if you need any major changes made.

Home designers are skilled in the areas that others may not be. That, combined with their design expertise, is the key to creating a more pleasing home.

Even if you know how to make the desired changes to your home, it’s a good idea to talk with a professional who can make sure everything is done well.

How Can You Hire a Home Designer?

As with most people you will be hiring, it’s a good idea to get references from friends and family. You can also look online for the best rated home designers in your area.

Keep in mind that you can meet with multiple home designers before choosing one. Get a few different bids for the project. Find a price that you feel comfortable with and a designer who can work with that.

Of course everyone has to start somewhere. Newer home designers shouldn’t be out of the running, but it can be smart to go with a more experienced designer. This will help to make sure that your project runs smoothly. The designer will know what to expect and which steps to take.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Home Designer?

The cost of hiring a home designer will vary according to the following factors:

  • The duration and scale of the project
  • The home designer’s experience, licensing, etc.
  • The home designer’s fees
  • The area you live in

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying for the materials used. Other fees may exist, but it really depends on the home designer.

Luckily, home designers are more than willing to talk to you and give you an estimate. Be sure to get estimates from several different designers. This will help you to set a reasonable budget and compare prices as well.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Home Designer

When you’re looking for a home designer, you should keep a few different things in mind, including:

  • Your budget and the cost estimates of a home designer    
  • Your time frame and a home designer’s turnaround time or availability
  • A home designer’s experience and education
  • A home designer’s previous projects. For example, some designers will have pictures of their work on their websites.

In short, a home designer is a professional who can add to the structural and functional design of a home. They might contribute to the overall decorations as well, but that is sometimes done by interior designers.

If you want help recreating your current house or building a new house, you should hire a home designer with experience!