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What to Pack First When Moving

What to Pack First When Moving

Moving can be such a big task, and if you have never moved you may be wondering what to pack and how to pack certain items. While a lot of ways to pack items can be a preference, there is actually a strategic way to pack certain things and reasons why some things should go into boxes first. We Like To Move It, Move It!!, a company of professional Lynnwood movers, has shared its moving expertise to help you determine the most efficient order of packing.

Start with the Non-Essentials

It is important to start with non-essential items. It can be the opposite of resourceful to pack items that one will need because you will have to go in and unpack them to use them. This creates a cycle of packing and unpacking which can defeat the purpose. So start with items that you do not use on a daily basis.

A list of things that are considered essentials that people usually use on a regular daily basis is at Trulia. While it may seem odd to view a list of essentials, it is very necessary because we often do not realize how many different items we really use on a regular basis. So review the list and leave that stuff out of your initial packing.

If you are not planning on staying in the current home but moving directly over to the new place, then the list of essentials will need to be the first to go. It would be awful not to have the things you need in your new place, so make sure those essentials do go first but only if you intend to go along with those items.

Label the Essentials

To make a move much easier labeling the box of items you use daily will help greatly. This makes it known what box or boxes you will need to get into first. Also, during moving you can set the box or boxes of essentials aside on the trip, like in the trunk instead of the moving truck. This always allows them to be on hand.

What Comes Next?

What comes next is really a personal decision. This is the time during the move where you can decide what you want and do not want. A lot of people find it refreshing to be able to relieve themselves of items, making the load a lot less heavy. Organize the items you want and do not want.

This time will allow you to trash older papers, items, and other furniture that you really do not care for. If there is something of value that you do not want, think about selling it online or even holding a yard sale if you have more than a few items to sell.

Move Things That Are Important

One important thing to decide when moving is if you will be staying in the old house during the move or the new home. For some, it is a transition between the two. Beds and other items such as towels and more can be moved during the same day to ensure that everyone has a place to sleep.

For adults, the mattress is sufficient, but children and babies that sleep in a crib will need it taken apart, moved, and put back together (unless there is a portable crib available). Safety comes first, especially when everyone is tired during a move.

Don’t Forget Other Simple Things

It is so easy to forget things when moving. For instance, do not forget things like your cell phone charger or laptop charging cord. These things are essential but can easily be forgotten about. One way to help remember is before packing, makes a list of items you need to move. Then check them off as they arrive at the new place. By creating a list, you are allowing yourself to be more prepared and organized. This will make the move run a lot more smoothly.

This YouTube video can help you find more information on how to make a list along with general tips on moving.

Do Triple Checks

It is so easy for things to get lost during a move or even left behind. Regardless of what you move first, always go back and do a triple check. One way to make sure you have everything is once the house is empty, do a complete sweep of the home, checking everywhere for items you may have left behind. Check the walls too.

If you happen to find something, bring it to the vehicle and load it. Then start the search all over again until you do a full search without finding anything. Those who have moved several times understand why this is vitally important. Things do get overlooked.

While moving can seem like a lot to do, remember to give yourself adequate breaks. The Denver Post has some more tips on how to make your move run smoothly.