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Six Things You Should Know About Announcing a Website Redesign

Six Things You Should Know About Announcing a Website Redesign

After months of planning, design, testing, redesign, retesting and more testing comes the time to finally launch a new website. Maybe you’ve included new graphics on your site. Perhaps you’ve totally redesigned your homepage to make it more visually appealing. You’re confident the changes and revamps you’ve done will greatly enhance the viewers’ experience. 


Whether your redesign is just a quarterly update or a massive overhaul, you want to make it right. You’ve spent hours trying to find all the bugs and issues before launching and you feel like you’re ready to go. But before you let your brand new beautiful website loose, there are some things to keep in mind.


A website redesign launch can be a fun and memorable time for your organization. To make your announcement the most effective and meaningful, your launch should be intentional. Here, we share six things you should know about announcing a website redesign.


1. Highlight the New Features


When you designed your website, one of your goals should have been to make the experience of viewing the site better for the visitor. Your site should provide value to your website visitors and create a meaningful connection or impression.


One helpful way to announce your website redesign is by explaining the new features that visitors can now experience on your new site. According to Fingerprint Marketing, one of the best web designers in Seattle (in my opinion), the new and interesting features that are now a part of your website are what really add value for the visitor.


People want to know what to expect when they visit this new site. Whether through email, social media or another outlet, explain the new features to encourage people to learn more.


When you highlight new features, put yourself in the shoes of your website viewers. Ask questions such as, "what makes this website unique?" "Is it easy to use?" "What value will I gain from visiting it?" Making sure your visitor is satisfied can lead to a successful announcement of a website redesign.


2. Use Email Marketing to Share the Excitement


If you have a regular email marketing plan, consider adding the website redesign as a special email campaign. An article from WebpageFX suggests emailing your subscribers to encourage them to visit the new site.


3. Have a Limited Time Offer


Perhaps this is a strategy you’ve used to get people to your website in the first place. But creating a limited time offer for visiting your newly renovated site can also be a great way to announce a redesign.


Offers are always a great way to get visitors to your website. If you have an offer that provides a deal on your product or service, it will encourage people to explore the new site for themselves.


4. Use Analytic Resources to Track Your Site’s Performance


In order to ensure that your site is improving the experience for your visitors, you’ll want to use an analytics service. An article from suggests using Google Analytics. This service allows you to research and benchmark your site’s performance.


With Google Analytics, you can track data like unique visits, bounce rates, time on site, top keywords, inbound links and other features. Tracking these statistics from the start allows you to know what is doing well in your site and what may need to be altered moving forward.


5. A Website Relaunch Is a Continual Process


Once you finally set your new website to live, don’t leave and forget about it. You may receive feedback and hear about issues with your site. You’ll want to pay attention to that information so you can continue to make your website the best it can possibly be.


You also create a connection with your website visitors by meeting their needs and answering any questions they may have about your new site.


6. Share Your Website Redesign Experience


Companies and organizations are redesigning and revamping their websites all the time. If you’ve learned a thing or two about how to be effective in your redesign process, share it.


Share your experience on outlets like social media, newsletters and other blogs. By connecting with these other mediums, you can draw greater attention to your own website in an indirect way.


Embrace the Website Redesign


After all that hard work of redesigning your site, be sure to enjoy the unveiling of the revamped website. Whether it was just minor changes or a total overhaul, improving your website is a practice of quality digital marketing.


With a better website, your visitors can find answers they’re looking for. And it helps you create a better connection with them. Celebrate the launch of your new website.