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How Deep Can A Pool Be Without A Fence

How Deep Can A Pool Be Without A Fence?

Did you know that there are certain laws on how deep an inground pool can be without a fence? Sometimes this will cost you more time and money. Safety is always important and that is why the law was put in place for this matter.

How deep can your pool be without a fence though? With the help of my local pool fencing contractors in PerthClear Choice Pool Fencing, we'll help you answer that question.

Where Do You Live?

This may sound like a personal question but it is very important when considering if you need a fence around your inground pool Every state has laws around to fencing and pools and they may vary from state to the state being more or less strict. Regardless you can rest assured that if you do have a law in your state on the matter that the consequence can cost you're more than a fence.

Let's go over an example of what a  state says on the law of inground pools and if you need a fence or not.

The State Of Alabama

Alabama does not have a statewide law on the matter of fencing and pools. This does not mean that you are exempt from having t have a fence around your pool. If you are living in a city in Alabama you may still have to have a fence. This is because there may be a city ordinance on the matter. You can check this out by calling the Code Enforcement number for your city.

 As you can see the law is not for the entire state, but you may have codes to follow.

Is This The Case All Around?

This is most certainly not the case in every state. Some states do have a law in which every pool has to have a fence around it. In some cases, you may even need to have a sign posted. The sign issue is mainly for public pools. The sign will have to be at eye level for everyone to read. That is considered 4 foot high.

What About An Inground Pool?

What makes the whole thing a game changer is the fact that the pool is inground. You see with an above ground pool you have variances in the law. However, with an inground pool, the law is pretty much the same all around. This is because people who can't swim can wander off into the pool and find themselves in danger.

A pool that is above ground with decking even has different laws in different states rather than with an inground pool you will most likely be required to have a fence by the law. Most of the ground pools will have an average of 18 inches or more in depth. The law on the depth of the pool is 18 inches.

Would you want a pool that is less than 18 inches? Maybe time to consider that fence?

What Kind Of Fence Will You Need?

As with the different states, this could vary. For the most part though the laws will pretty much be the same. The fence will at least need to be 4 foot in height. The city code ordinance can tell you if there is more height needed for your fence. Remember the city ordinances may require a bit more than the law or less. It is always good to check on both.

Can I Use Any Gate?

As you know with a fence you will need an access point. You are probably wondering if you can just use a regular latch gate. In some areas yes. However, in other areas, no. The gate will need to have two latches. One on the bottom and one on the top. The gate should also swing away from the pool and close by itself.

A self-closing gate ensures that the gate is closed at all times. This keeps little ones or people with a health condition who cannot swim (like Alzheimer's or dementia) out of the pool area.

Why Is There A Law?

The law was set in place to keep children and elderly safe. Not just that some people who have disabilities and cannot make the decision to get into the pool ( people with severe autism, etc.) it keeps them out of the pool and on safe dry land. You would not want that charge put on. Negligence. So, people now, therefore, take extra measures to ensure the safety of those around them.

You can find more information on this matter at This has a lot of helpful information on the matter.

Hopefully, you found this information helpful on the matter. You can find more tips and help on inground pools at this youtube video. Feel free to check it out! Also, remember safety is the most important thing. If the law requires being prepared to set up the proper fencing and gates.