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What Are Blueberries Good For?

What Are Blueberries Good For?

Everyone loves the delicious taste of fresh blueberries. With them being a fruit they are nutritious, of course! But, what if I told you that there were several health benefits to eating blueberries? Well here's what I learned from a visit to U-Pick Blueberries in Oregon (!

Let’s Talk Vitamins for a Moment.

All About Vitamin K!

Did you know that blueberries contain a lot of the vitamin K? Well, they do. Now you are probably wondering what vitamin K is good for in the body? As you may know, it is essential to the body for wellness. Here, we can go over what vitamin K is good for below.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin K:

  • Regulates Blood for Normal Blood Clotting During an Injury.
  • Helps Bring Calcium to the Bones.
  • Aids the Bodies Natural Metabolism.
  • Improves Memory.

While having a low amount of vitamin K is often rare, it is still good to know what you may experience when it is low. Some signs that you may have a low amount of vitamin K in the body are as follows:

  • Trouble with Blood Clotting
  • Easy Bruising
  • Blood in Your Urine.
  • Increase in Bleeding.
  • Absorption Issues When it Comes to Vitamins and other Minerals.                 

Blueberries Are Rich in Vitamin C.

Just like vitamin K, blueberries carry a large of vitamin C. Vitamin C is often called ascorbic acid in a lot of other foods. Vitamin C fights off a number of illnesses that occur every year. The health benefits just go on and on. Let us go over a few.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Forms and Supplies Nutrition to Connective Tissue in the Body.
  • Protects the Heart
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol.
  • Aids the Body in Absorbing Iron. (Iron is a must for the body.)
  • Promotes a Healthy Immune System.
  • May Delay or even Prevent Cataracts.

Sometimes people may experience low levels of vitamin C in their body. It is important to notice the symptoms. I have a list of some of the possible signs of low vitamin C in the human body.

  • Muscle Aches
  • Joint Pain or Aches
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness.

If you are interested in finding out more information on vitamins the body needs to thrive be healthy, you can visit at the link. The list of nutrients in blueberries do not stop here. There are much more vitamins and minerals in them that are great for the human body.

Blueberries Contain Anthocyanin.

You are probably wondering what in the world is anthocyanin if you have never heard of it. Don’t worry, me too. What if I told you that anthocyanin can potentially fight breast cancer cells? No, you do not have to travel anywhere exotic to get it either. It is right there in blueberries.

Blueberries contain anthocyanin, which was in other studies to see if it could help fight breast cancer. I certainly am not claiming that the cure to cancer has been found, but what I am saying is that the anthocyanin that is in blueberries has been found to greatly reduce the cancer cells ability to invade. It has also shown cell proliferation.

Does Anyone Reading This Have Inflammation?

Do you or someone you know have inflammation in the body? This means anywhere in the body? Do away with over-the-counter medications that can only cause damage to the liver and other organs. Try some of the nutritional acids in blueberries. They contain a number of nutrients that fight inflammation.

Let’s go over some of the main nutrients that are in blueberries that are known to fight off inflammation in the body. Here are some below:

  • Hydroxycinnamic acids
  • Hydroxybenzoic acids
  • Flavonols

Did you know that they make the list of top 13 anti-inflammatory foods on

You can not buy all the great things that blueberries can do for the body in a bottle. Each blueberry contains all the nutrients, acids, and minerals it needs to help the body heal, stay healthy, and grow strong. The health benefits of eating them are amazing.

How To Eat Blueberries?

Now that you know all the wonderful things that blueberries have to offer your body, let us talk about some delicious ways to eat them. We are talking healthy here, so I will not suggest a pie. The sugar can kind of cause health issues there. I was thinking more in the line of a smoothie.

Smoothies are delicious and make for a wonderful treat. You feel good after having one and you can make so many different kinds of smoothies to add to the great benefits of blueberries. has some great smoothie recipes that contain blueberries.

You can always eat them alone. They are great that way too!

One Last Note On Blueberries.

I hope all this information was useful to you. God gave us great fruit to help us right before our eyes. Enjoy it and better your body today, for now, and tomorrow. You can find more information about blueberries in this youtube link and Dr.Mercola has information on his website in this link.