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What Is Polaris Ride Command?

What Is Polaris Ride Command?

Polaris Ride Command is a new off-roading vehicle that incorporates state of the art technology with a great quality ride that Polaris is known for. Before we delve further into this line of great off roading vehicles, we first need to understand a bit about the Polaris company. Switchback Motorsports, which sells Polaris in Pocatello, has provided some details on the company and its vehicles.

Polaris is a company that is world renowned for making high-quality snowmobiles, ATVs, 3-wheel moto-roadsters, and other off-roading vehicles. This company has been around for over 60 years and is one of the largest manufacturers in powersports.

The company was originally founded by Edgar and Allan Hetteen along with David Johnson in Roseau, Minnesota. Originally starting with just repairs in 1945, they eventually started expanding until they introduced ATVs in 1984 to their lineup.

What Is an Off-Road Vehicle?

An off road vehicle is simply any motorized machine that can go off the beaten path so to speak. This can be something small like a motorbike or ATV, or be anything as large as a Jeep or truck, with many military vehicles being considered off-road vehicles.

Off-roading has its own set of lingo and knowledge needed that is outside the scope of this article. I would recommend looking here for a better understanding. Naturally, different terrains require different knowledge, along with what type of vehicle you are going to use.

There are roughly four basic off roading terrains - mud, snow, rocks, and sand. While all of these have their own set of different rules when traversing, keep in mind that it is rare that a terrain would fit neatly into one of these categories.

What Exactly Is the Polaris Ride Command? 

Ride Command is a specifically designed vehicle streamlined for off-roading. Whether it be in the forest or desert, it can rip across the horizon. Built into this machine is a touchscreen with integrated GPS and app features that allows users to keep track of others with GPS, along with planning out certain routes. This system can also use recording devices with ease, to help you share your memories for years to come.

The 7” touchscreen works with downloadable apps available on both Android and Apple devices. Using Bluetooth, you can connect with any of your smart devices, allowing for ease of use and uploading to your favorite sites.

What Are the Different Ride Command Vehicles?

There are three products that Polaris offers in the Ride Command series: The RZR XP 1000, RZR XP 4 1000, and the General 1000 EPS. Each of these vehicles offers a different set of features and designs, all of which can be further customized by you.

  • RZR XP 1000: Along with the digital interface, this machine comes with 110 horsepower at 8,000 rotations per minute. The engine has 71 lbs of torque and the suspension consists of 18 inches in the rear and 16 inches in the front.
  • RZR XP 4 1000: A step higher than the normal RZR, this vehicle has the same power but increased room and capacity. The noticeably larger bed allows you to not only hold more people, but also has an increased payload, from 740 lbs to 900 lbs.
  • General 1000 RPS: As the name suggest, it has less professional use and thus has a little bit less power than the other models. To make up for it, it has improved suspension, towing, and handling. The payload is also significantly increased, with a maximum capacity at 1,100 lbs.

What Are Reviewers Saying About Ride Command?

One reviewer commented that the Ride Command is a well built machine. In the review, he mentions that the Ride Command system’s display is easy to use even with gloves, and the that vehicle itself rides like a dream.

What Other Off-Road Vehicles Does Polaris Make?

Other notable vehicles that Polaris makes are the tough Ranger Utility vehicle, the Sportsman, the Ace, a youth model, along with a line of ATVs. All of these have different suspension, horsepower, and load strength depending on what you need.

The Ride Command is a new integrated digital screen with associating apps that help you map out routes, keep track of friends, and download all sorts of different multimedia features. Ride Command has been put into a small selection of Polaris off-road machines.