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What Tile Is Best for a Bathroom Floor?

What Tile Is Best for a Bathroom Floor?

Is it time for your bathroom to get some new flooring? You may be wondering what the best tile is for bathroom floors. That is a great place to start. Below you can find everything you need to know when it comes to tile for a bathroom floor. 

What Types of Tile Are Available?

There are many different types of tile on the market today. The cost can range greatly depending on which type of tile you decide to use. The type of tile selected can either wear down quickly or last for a long time. Let’s go over some of the top types of tile for bathroom flooring.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have a very distinct appearance. They are often used as the centerpieces for entrances to bigger rooms. Epic Interiors, a tile contractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, notes that stone tiles have become more affordable and so they are now used more in other rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. They are made form marble, limestone, slate, and gravel.

Vinyl Tiles

One of the most used tiles for bathroom flooring is vinyl tiles. This is because they are able to used in mobile home and houses. Plus, they are very affordable. Vinyl tiles can come in different ranges of thickness. The thicker the tile the longer it will last. They are usually under a dollar a per square foot.

You can find more information on vinyl tiles at The Spruce.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are not very expensive and tend to last a long time. They come in many different patterns and shades of colors. You can purchase ones that are scratchproof. Unlike vinyl, they are hard. The upside is that they have a very nice look that puts off a shine. Do be careful of chips in the tile though.

Cork Tiles

One would not think that cork would be great for bathroom flooring, but on the contrary, it is actually waterproof. Not only do cork tiles provide a little bit of texture, they are resistant to water, which makes it a great alternative to traditional hard tile. It goes for about $2 per square foot.

You can find more information on cork tiles at Decor Snob.

Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum tiles are great at keeping bacteria out and are completely waterproof. Both of those aspects make linoleum tiles great for bathroom use. Not only are they completely functional, they also come in many different styles and colors.

Wood Tiles

Oftentimes wood is not recommended for rooms that have plumbing. The reason is that water can get under the wood or even get absorbed in the wood, causing it to bow. It is important to buy the wood tiles that are specifically made for bathroom floors. That way you will not lose out on an investment.

Which Tile to Choose?

With all the different tile out on the market, it can be very difficult to make a choice about which one is best. There are some steps to take that help when trying to decide which tile will be best. Take a look below at some of these tips when purchasing a new tile for your bathroom floor.

Tips when deciding on tile:

  • Pick a design that fits your style.
  • Chose a tile that will last according to the needs of your home. For example, is it a children’s bathroom or are pets walking on it?
  • Decide on a budget. While budget should not be the only factor, it is very important when deciding on what type of tile you want.
  • Choose your style then switch tiles. You can decide on a color or pattern of tile and then choose from a less expensive material. This helps stay on budget but provides just the style you want for your bathroom.

Don’t Forget About Size

When purchasing tile for a bathroom, it is important to take in account the size of the bathroom. Some patterns are too busy for smaller bathrooms. Plus, the larger the bathroom the more square feet of tile will be needed to cover the entire floor. So, be sure to budget the square footage in, especially if you are hiring someone to lay the tile.

All of the tiles listed above are great choices for bathrooms. A ceramic or porcelain tile is usually the best pick for bathrooms because they last longer. Just be sure to purchase mats that are non-slip.

If you want to learn more about tile for bathroom flooring, you can check out this YouTube video. Remember to choose a tile that fits your home and budget the best.