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Movers Taking Apart Bed Frame

Will Movers Take Apart and Reassemble Furniture?

Many people will attempt to do all the work of moving their items from one home to the next if they are capable of doing it. This can save them a lot of money, but does require a ton of work and can add stress to the day of moving. This is why it may be worth your time to hire professional movers to take care of the moving process and to cross one more thing off your moving checklist.

But as you are considering which professional movers to hire, you may wonder whether they will take apart and reassemble your furniture.

Professional movers will typically take apart and reassemble your furniture during the move. This will depend on the moving company and the items that you would like to move. The more time it takes the movers to take apart and reassemble the item, the more it will cost you later on (see cost estimates below).

According to Brawny Movers, who provide moving services in London, Ontario, it is common for movers to take apart things like dining tables, beds, bookcases, cribs, and vanities to make it easier to move these items and get them on the moving truck. If you have something specific you need moved, it is a good idea to ask about these items when hiring the moving company.

Hiring movers can make a lot of sense when you are on a time crunch or you just do not want to do all the moving on your own. Let’s take a closer look at some of the items that movers are willing to take apart and reassemble to ensure that you are prepared for that big move.

Can I Ask My Movers to Take Apart Furniture During the Move?

The more services that you ask for during your move, the more expensive it will be. If you are willing and able to do some of the disassembly during the move, this can speed up the process for the movers and can save you some money on the whole process.

With that said, movers frequently can and do take apart and then reassemble furniture items during a big move.

There are a number of different items that a professional mover is likely to take apart and then reassemble at a later time for you. This can include some of the normal culprits like your bed, bookcase, cribs, vanities, large tables, and dining room table.

If you have some of these larger items in your home and you need to move them, then get ready to spend some money on having the movers take them apart and put them back together later.

When the professional movers take the time to disassemble your furniture, it is much easier for them to lift and load all of the pieces. They don’t have to work so hard to move the bulky bed when they can disassemble it and move it wherever they would like.

This can actually speed up the process and help them clear out your current space much faster than before. In addition, when you do get to the new location, they can put it all back together for you, saving all that headache at the end of the move too.

How Long Does It Take? Average Disassembly Times

Furniture Item Average Disassembly Time
Bed frame 15-20 minutes
Dining table 20-30 minutes
Desk 15-25 minutes
Dresser 15-25 minutes
Bookcase 20-30 minutes
Entertainment center 25-40 minutes

*Times based on 2 professional movers working together. Add 5-10 minutes for reassembly.

Will Professional Movers Reassemble My Furniture After the Move?

Once you get to the new location, you may find that you have a lot of items that are disassembled and no longer put together. Since the movers took it all apart, does that mean that you are stuck with all the work of putting it back together.

After a long few days of moving, this is probably one of the last things that you want to even think about, much less do.

The good news is that most professional movers will reassemble your furniture when you get to the new location. You will need to discuss this with the moving company ahead of time so they know what to expect, but if they have already gone through and taken the furniture apart, then it should be easy for them to put it back together in the right location in your new home.

Choosing the Right Movers for Your Big Move

There are a lot of reasons to consider hiring movers to help make your dreams a reality. You could choose to do all of the work on your own, but this is usually not the best idea and could leave you having to stress out and do all of the work on your own.

The right movers can take over all the work, helping to get everything out of the old place and into the new place, without all the hassle on your own part. Think about how much you could reduce your stress levels with the help of the professionals. Research around and find someone who is able to do the work for you.

Compare the Cost: Hiring Movers vs. DIY Disassembly

Here is a cost comparison table of hiring professional movers vs. doing it yourself, including average costs for disassembly/reassembly of common furniture items:

Furniture Item Average Cost for Professionals Average Cost for DIY
Bed frame $80 - $120 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
Dining table $100 - $150 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
Desk $60 - $90 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
Dresser $70 - $100 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
Sofa/Couch $100 - $130 (no disassembly typically required) $0 + time/effort
Armchair/Recliner $60 - $90 (no disassembly typically required) $0 + time/effort
Bookcase $70 - $110 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
Entertainment Center $90 - $130 (including disassembly and reassembly) $0 + time/effort
  • Cost ranges for professionals reflect national averages
  • DIY costs reflect dollars only, not time/effort required
  • This table outlines average costs to expect for hiring professional movers vs. doing the disassembly/reassembly yourself. As shown, professionals charge per item based on size, with reassembly service included. DIY means no dollar cost but significant effort. Use this to guide budgeting!