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Best Square Mouth Shovel For Landscaping

Best Square Mouth Shovel For Landscaping

Landscaping can be a tough job. The right tools make it much more simple. Let's go over some of the best square mouth shovels for landscaping. Well, with the help of Boston Landscaping Services who do landscaping in Boston MA, we're going to give you some of the ones that we think are best and reasons why. Let's get started!

Which One To Choose?

There are so many to choose from. I want to give you a list of the best possible square landscaping shovels. So, without holding you up any further, here they are.

The Leonard Square Point Open Back Shovel

The Leonard Square Point Open Back Shovel.

This square point shovel is great for all your landscaping needs. Not only will it get the job done but it is highly durable too. If you want a shovel that will last for time come then this one is it. Unlike other wooden handle shovels, it will surely withstand any weather condition.Let me go over some of the key features that it has that I think to make it a great shovel!

Some of the key features to the Leonard:

  • Is able to shovel double the amount of earth than a traditional shovel.
  • Made of heat treated steel
  • Very durable
  • Has a nine-inch tab socket to prevent breaking or bending
  • The bowl of the shovel is deeply curved for the largest loads.
  • The wooden handle is sealed with lacquer to prevent weather if left out in normal conditions.

You can find more information about the Leonard shovel in this Amazon link.


The Bully Tools Fiberglass Square Point Shovel

The Bully Tools Fiberglass Square Point Shovel

The Bully square point shovel is a little different than other leading square point shovels. It has a unique handle made especially out of fiberglass. These tend to last a while. No matter the weather, it will never wear out or weather. There are so many good features to this Bully Tools shovel. Let me point out a few of them for you.

The Key Features Of The Bully Tool Shovel:

  • Perfect for landscaping projects or even just digging.
  • Made of fiberglass for a strong long-lasting shovel.
  • Designed to reduce damage and stress to the shovel.
  • Very durable and strong.
  • Able to withstand the weather.
  • The step if wide for more control during use.

If you want to check it out, you can in this link.


The Square Coal Shovel

The Square Coal Shovel

This one's a little different. It is a bit wider on the bottom for more control and more dirt for each load. The great thing is that the shovel can handle normal lifting for landscaping tasks. It will not wear out easy. They really made this shovel to be durable. You can definitely work with it without worrying that it will give out on you. Let's go over the important features of it.

The key features of the Square Coal Shovel:

  • Great price.
  • Very durable and strong.
  • Made to withstand normal weather conditions.
  • Has a wider bottom for more control and large loads of dirt.
  • The steel blade ensures durability and a long lifetime of the shovel.
  • Perfect for landscaping.


The Corona Clipper Company Square Shovel

The Corona Clipper Company Square Shovel

This shovel has been made from the highest-quality materials. It is perfect for landscaping and has the nice square flat tip that makes great for getting along patios and sidewalks. The price is a little more than the average price of a square point shovel but it tends to last a little bit longer than the other square landscaping shovels on the market. Let us go over some of the key points to this shovel.

The key features of the Corona Clipper Company Square Shovel:

  • Made of the highest quality.
  • Is able to withstand any weather condition without wearing out.
  • Can handle a large amount of dirt with each scoop without wearing down.
  • Very durable and strong.
  • They give a satisfaction guarantee. ( if you are not happy with it or something happens to it during use, you can contact them to ensure customer satisfaction.)


The Skemidex

The Skemidex

The Skemidex is a square spade shovel. It is made to chisel, hammer, and much more. If you are looking to dig very large holes, then this would be your best bet for convenience and durability. It is easy and comfortable to use. When you think of a square point shovel you can think Skemidex. Let's go over some features.

The Skemidex key features:

  • Has the highest-quality.
  • 153 mm wide base.
  • Very durable and strong.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Great for any landscaping needs.


Before You Go!
I hope that this gives you a great list of the best square shovels. I know how important it is to find a good durable shovel. These are all great shovels. I definitely recommend you checking into the Skemidex for a multi-use. If you are looking for more of a traditional square point shovel any of the other ones listed above are great. Hope this helps. Happy landscaping!