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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House

When you’re in the market for a new home, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to finding a house, you have to sell your old one. Packing, hiring movers, and more fill up all of your time. When it comes time to talk with a real estate agent about buying a house, you might not know where to start. We’ve outlined some of the questions to ask a real estate agent when buying a house. 

What Is the Selling History of This Home?

Once you’ve started shopping around, it’s time to start asking some questions about the house. One necessary question is about the house’s past. How many times has this house been for sale? How much did it sell for?

By learning about the house’s sales history, you can learn what you are being expected to pay for it. According to, “Sales history will also show you whether the home's price has been trending up or down over time, which can help you hone your negotiating stance.”

Using this information can help you to make an informed purchase. Plus, as Dawn Peddycoart, a real estate agent in Blaine, points out, it’ll help you when it’s time to sell the home later on. It can also show you if you’re paying too much for a home.

Are There Warranties on the Appliances?

This might seem like a minor detail, but it’s necessary to check on. If the previous owners have the warranty information, you should keep them.

For one, you’ll know what you’re covered for as far as appliance breakage is concerned. Additionally, you will know when these appliances might need to be replaced. Manuals and receipts are helpful for this particular purpose.

According to House Logic, you should be keeping track of your warranty information as well. This will help your future buyers and can be a marketing strategy.

Is This Area Growing?

This is important to know because it can determine the value of your future home long-term. A lot can happen over the course of just a couple of years. Neighborhoods can decline or grow suddenly.

Real estate agents are the best people to ask about this. They see cities rise and fall firsthand. They can even make some predictions based on previous patterns. They spend much of their time exploring neighborhoods. They should know their facts on this type of question.

According to How Stuff Works, the realtor should know this based on their experience in the area.

Have There Been Bug or Pest Issues in the Past?

Most previous homeowners aren’t going to want to answer this one if the answer is yes. You should still try your best to get the correct information. Unfortunately, even if the pests have been exterminated, they could still be present. The issue could also be present in the entire neighborhood.

Most home buyers don’t think about this one, but it’s worth asking about. Ask the real estate agent if they know anything about the pests in the neighborhood. You can also ask if they can get any information from the sellers.

What’s Not So Great About This Area?

Real estate agents will be quick to tell you all of the great things about your new home or your new neighborhood. Of course, not everything is always peachy. There are going to be some drawbacks. It’s always a good idea to find out before you move in.

So long as your realtor is familiar with the area, you should get a good answer. Some agents might choose to keep this information hidden though. After all, they want to sell the house. The sooner you figure out if it’s a good area or not the better. Some of this information can be picked up on by driving around for a bit too.

When Was the Roof Last Replaced?

According to House Logic, asphalt shingle roofs must be replaced every 15 to 20 years. This can cost around $7,500, which is a big investment. If the roof might need to be replaced, it’s best to find out as soon as possible. Then you can begin to prepare for the expenses.

Even if the roof was recently replaced, there’s always a chance for damage to come up. Ask your real estate agent for some insight on the roof. If you’re not familiar with the area, see if there are storms that could make a roof worse. Be sure to budget for those damages.

Just as with any major purchase, you want to make sure that you’ve done your research. Find out everything there is to know about the home and the neighborhood. Your real estate agent should have plenty of information and be ready to help you out. It’s best to ask these questions before you get settled into a home. Get them answered sooner rather than later so you can look in the right places.