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What Do You Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

What Do You Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

Are you about to go shopping for a wedding dress? It can be exhausting, but do not worry. There are some things you can do that will make trying on wedding dress much easie. We all know that jeans and tennis shoes will be just too much to be taking off and putting on all day. Read below to find some ways to make it simple.

What Kind of Wedding Dress Do You Want?

Knowing what kind of wedding dress you want will help you know what to bring. Some people want to wear a strapless wedding gown. It may not be very comfortable wearing a strapless bra all day so be prepared to bring one with you.

Fleur de Lys Bridal, a bridal shop in Essex, points out that even if you do not plan on buying a strapless gown, you may want to bring a strapless bra with you. You never know what you may fall in love with. Just note to bring along with you undergarments that will not get in the way when trying to gauge if you like the wedding dress or not.

Be Comfortable

You do not want to wear something you are uncomfortable in. By doing this, it can make you more ready to quit or settle for a wedding dress that you may not really be in love with. Make sure that you wear something you do not mind being in for long periods of time. Think of mobility too. You will be moving around a lot.

What About Makeup?

If you plan on wearing make up to your wedding then it is a good idea to wear some when trying on your wedding dress. This can help you decide if you really like the wedding dress or not. You do not want to overdo it. Just your everyday make up will work. Wear make up that makes you feel nice. This will help you better get a feel of the dress.

Note: Do not wear lipstick when trying on wedding dresses. This can get onto the dress and cause issues. Nobody wants that!

What About Leggings?

Are you plan on wearing a full-length wedding dress? Then leggings would probably be your best bet. They are comfortable and form fitting which will not affect the look of the wedding dress when trying it on. However, you may want to just have some form fitting shorts just in case you see a shorter wedding dress that you want to try on.

Wear Normal Clothes

Yes. Wear everyday clothes. Most wedding gown shops have underclothes that you wear when trying on wedding dresses. However, if they don’t you can still wear your everyday clothes. Just be sure to bring along some regular nude briefs and a bra that you wouldn’t mind the ladies seeing you in as you try the dress on.

Size Does Matter

When trying on wedding dresses, it is important to note that size does matter. You do want to be wearing undergarments that are too tight. This can cause bulging, which will make the dress look unappealing to you, when with the proper undergarments you would have loved the dress.

Note: When wearing the right size, you will find more dresses that you love. One size too small can drain you and make you feel like nothing will ever fit right. You can find the perfect wedding dress. Don’t let too tight of a bra ruin it for you.

You can read more information about shopping for wedding dresses at Who What Wear.

Any Special Tips?

Certainly! When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure that you check the dress out from all angles. Do not hesitate to act like you are walking down the aisle in front of the mirror. It is good to know if the wedding dress is made for you or not.

Do Not Be Afraid to Say No

If you keep saying things like, “I like it but” or “Maybe”, then it is probably not the right dress. Do not be afraid to say no. If you do not like the dress, say so. Tell the consultant what you don’t like about it either. This will help them help pick out one that is more you style. You are not being insulting. Everyone has their own style and taste.

You can find more tips at Moonlight Bridal.

Finding the right dress can be hard. Do not fret. The perfect dress is out there. A lot of women quickly get overwhelmed. Enjoy this time. Hopefully it will be the only time you ever go wedding dress shopping for yourself. Make it fun, not stressful. Check out this YouTube video for more information.